Finding Your Pace in the New Year

December 20th, 2015

NASCAR is America’s premiere racing sport.  There is a lot we can learn about self-leadership from looking at NASCAR.  One parallel I want to draw from is the pace car.  The pace car comes out at the beginning of the race and sets the “pace” for the other cars before the green flag drops and they take off at break neck speeds. 

As the proverbial green flag is about to drop on a new year, have you stopped to consider the pace at which you are moving through life?Jesus definitely calls us to be active rather than passive. 

In Matthew 4:19 he calls his disciples to be active fishers of men. In our present culture, the issue has slipped into an “overactive” pace that can set us up for trouble. Jesus many times found himself in a place where the crowds were demanding his presence.  It is easy to get caught in the need to be needed and to be busy doing all the time.  Our call to self-leadership and service in the Kingdom is not one that requires 100% of us 100% of the time. Even Jesus realized his limitations and reclined to a quite place.  In Luke 5:16 it says he “often” withdrew to a quiet place.  In Mark 1:35 it says that Jesus got up early and went to a “solitary” place and prayed.  Then in Mark 6:31 Jesus encourage those with him to withdraw to a quiet place, literally because there was too much going on.

I think Jesus understands that we need time to ourselves and more importantly time to slow down and reconnect with God the father.  He led by example and we should follow.

The other primary instance where the pace car comes out is when there is an accident.  The pace car races out ahead of the drivers to slow them down so they can get the mess cleaned up.  Lets take heed as we approach another year and keep on eye on our pace.  Lets not find us in a situation where we crash and have to be rescued.

 As you embark on a year of self-leading, consider the following:

1.  Have you identified the things God wants you to be involved with?

 2. Have you identified the things you need to say no to this coming year?

 3. Look at your schedule. Is their alignment for the things you value?

 4. Are you taking enough time for soul care? Do you have those “quiet times” built into your schedule?

 5. Who can hold you accountable? Having a partner can keep you in check as the year progresses.