Going Deeper at Fall Retreat

Josie, is a transfer student this year. At her previous school she felt really alone and isolated in her faith, but after getting connected with Chi Alpha she repeatedly says how grateful she is for this community and that for the first time she feels like she can be encouraged and talk about her faith with others. She also was one of the students who got baptized at our Fall Retreat!!  Her words continue the story;  "About 4 years ago I kind of knew I should be baptized, but I suppressed that feeling and told myself my life was too messy to re-dedicate it to God. After being baptized [at Fall Retreat] and having so many people praying over and for me, I feel like I have more of a reason to smile. While falling asleep on a Sunday morning my heart felt very full. I'm truly grateful for every single person who attended the retreat. For starters, there was a real energy and passion for Jesus. Secondly, everyone encouraged others and cared for others in ways that I have never encountered at other Christian events and churches. Finally, every person was willing to listen to others, pray over others, share their own stories, and serve.  I am so delighted that I was able to go because it has been the most impactful event (and days) of my life."