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Here's what you can expect:


our coaches will pray for you, encourage you, help you set goals, hold you accountable and provide helpful ideas from the training and their own experience of raising support. sessions generally last 30 minutes - 1 hour. 



  • 3 Month Track : $75 due before coaching begins ($25/month)

  • 6 Month Track : $75 due before coaching begins (first 3 months, $25/month afterwards)

  • Extended Track : $25/monthly  (use this option if you want just one or two months)


check out the video above to find out how chi alpha staff have benefitted from having a support coach! 



"Coaching was the final push I needed to become fully funded. I had been through the training and had felt like I had done "everything" I knew how to do on my own. Coaching with Brad gave me the encouragement, creativity and accountability to keep going and become sustainable in Chi Alpha!"