LIGHT Breakouts

Saturday Morning Block

Dr Jim Bradford: Teaching and Preaching God's Word - Sanctuary 

Few things are more central to leadership competency than communicating well, including the teaching of God's Word in public settings. In this workshop a basic framework for focusing and building messages will be described, along with tips for presenting the message effectively.

Dr Brian Pingel: Walking in Their Pain -  Choir Room 

College students are dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues at an an alarming rate. It can be difficult to know how to help others in the midst of these struggles. When you understand your role you can increase your effectiveness in speaking hope and peace into their turmoil

Crystal Martin: The Four Frame Model of Leadership - Youth Auditorium

Description: Growing as holistic leaders is an essential component of our disciple-making mission. Sometimes, growing holistically means growing our ability to effectively handle conflict. In this session, we will explore Bolman & Deal's four frames of leadership- structural, human resource, political, and symbolic- as they relate to identifying and navigating organizational challenges.

Alex Rodriguez: The 4 dysfunctions of small groups - Chapel

In this session, we will take a look at the 4 most common mistakes small group leaders make and how to fix them for the sake of fruitfulness

Saturday Afternoon Block

“Jesus likes to talk” (Alex Rodriguez) - BSC Auditorium

In this session we will look at the why and how of one on ones to discover the biblical validity of this practice as well as practical methods for today

Reaching Internationals on your campus (Becca and Mike) - UL 2

The vision of Chi Alpha is to see XAi be a healthy quadrant of our ministries and a thriving part of our DNA. But what are those effective “next steps” we need to take to get there? Come join the discussion and gain some practicals you can take back to campus and staff meetings. 

A Tale fo Two Callings: Balancing Family Life and Ministry (Grant & Danielle Hoel) - UL 1

What if you're called to minister AND have a family?   How do we faithfully walk out a ministry calling without sacrificing healthy marriage and families? Bring your questions and life experience as we seek to help each other on the journey

Why Chi Alpha? (Dan DeLaForest/Andrew Romano) - Young Adult Room

As the center of our culture’s social, scientific, and philosophical truth and the launching place of all its future leaders, we believe the University represents the most strategic mission field in the world. Simply put: transform students, transform the world. If you are a student, come learn how you can join this movement.

Personal Finance - (Austin Colby, Hosted by Josiah) - Chapel 

Ask the expert. Austin Colby is a certified financial planner who can answer your questions about debt relief, investing, saving for retirement and more.

Equipping a generation with a global perspective by Tim Lang - M1 Room

We will talk about ways that we can make the vital task, of getting the gospel to the most difficult and unreached places in the world, a normal part of the life of your XA students. We will share inspiring stories, and equip you with practical tools to help mobilize this generation of world changers.

The Golden Triangle of Spiritual Formation (Mystery Guest) - Sanctuary

 Our desire is to see students become fully devoted followers of Christ for the rest of their lives.  In this session we will explore substance from Dallas Willard’s material that will help us in our effort to disciple students to Jesus well.

Smooth Service (Reid Peterson) VIP Room

How I plan large group. This session is a look into some of the resources and tools we use at Winona, and what we have learned. Getting large group on track to being a distraction free, engaging experience for new and returning students. This session is NOT specific to production.