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  • The Persistent Dreamer - Derek Blumberg (Owner of Quality Seasons)

  • Your Anointed Appointment - Sonja Bindert (Owner of Sonja Bindert Design)

  • Balancing the Sacred and the Secular - Shawn Dockter (Owner of Heggies Pizza)

  • Walking out Faith in the Marketplace - Shari Harris (Author)

  • Redefining the Mission Field - Isaac Bindert (Owner of Installation Solutions)

  • Effective Male and Female Communication - Keith Peterson (VP at MRA)

  • Dealing with Difficult People - Keith Peterson (VP at MRA)

  • Women in Leadership and Life - Leanne Krell (Lawyer with Casey’s General Store)

  • Starting your own Business - Heather Hiner (Hiner Home Designs, LLC)

  • Foundations of Personal Finance - Austin Colby (The Wealth Group)

  • Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace - Tony Vietti (Pastor - Formerly Best Buy)

  • Beating the Pressure to Conform - Kristin Peterson (Mom - Former Teacher)

  • Justice - A Gateway to your Campus and Workplace - Paul Hurckman (Venture)

  • Doing the Right Thing - Kathy Madson (Lawyer)

  • The Power of Money Working for You - Austin Colby (The Wealth Group)

  • Building Resilience: Emotional Health for the Workplace - Dr Linda Soli (Licensed Psychologist, Author)

  • Ask the Professors - Uncensored - Dr Mick and Dr Kathy Mayhew (St. Cloud State Professors)

  • Connecting and Thriving with a Church Plant - Michael Norman


  • Worth the Wait - Josiah & Micah Kennealy (Normandale CC)

  • Spiritual Empowerment - Brad Lewis (NDSU)

  • Mental Health - Eliza Silkey (Specialist)

  • Want to Give a Year in Missions? - Hosted by Dr Chuck Haavik (Denmark)

  • Engage Deeper in Justice - Jermey Collier (Venture Expeditions)

  • Evangelism - John Konkel (University of MN specialist)

  • Roadmap for Sustainability and Growth - Grant Hoel (Staff Only)

  • Identity Crisis - Danielle Erickson (UND)

  • Reasonable Faith - Mark Ercikson (UND)

  • Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Physical Healing - Ryan Koster

*Breakouts subject to change