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Tim & Rachel Wentz - Missionaries to Minnesota State University - Mankato 

Tim & Rachel Wentz - Missionaries to Minnesota State University - Mankato 


It has been 15 years since Laura and I left MSUM.  We have so many fond memories of our days with Chi Alpha and students like you.  We have gone on to direct the state and Area program for Chi Alpha for these past 15 years.  We have seen new campuses established, SALT now approaching 1200, and hundreds and hundreds of students coming to know Him including the one below; 


“Chi Alpha is about changed lives, and my story is no different.  I was invited to Chi Alpha from a girlfriend at the time, who was invited by a girl in one of her classes.  Neither of us knew who Jesus was.  The only reason I went to Chi Alpha was to make her happy, and really to get her to stop asking me.  God had other plans though!  My first night at Chi Alpha I felt a presence in that room that I had never felt before!  God revealed Himself to me in a way I could not explain.  I felt like it was the first time I had ever really seen Christians, real people, trying to live out the Bible!  

It was two months after I started going to Chi Alpha that I gave my life to Jesus!  About six months after that I started to feel God calling me to into ministry, God narrowed it down to college ministry!  Chi Alpha is also where I met my wife Rachel!  We both graduated in 2007 from Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSUM).

We had no idea where exactly God would place us in college ministry.  We were open to going anywhere.  When my wife and I left Mankato in 2007, we both said to each other that it felt like the doors weren't closed for Mankato.  In 2009, we received a call from Mike Amiot, he wanted me to start my internship with Chi Alpha...and oh by the way...Mankato needs someone, are you interested?  YES!  I love how God works!!

The last few years we have been doing Chi Alpha while working a full time job.  A little over a year ago we felt like God was pushing us to go all in.  We started raising a full time family budget.  March 1st, 2017 was my last day working a full time job!  We still have a little way to go to get to 100%  We are so close to the finish line!  Pray for us!  Pray for our campus!  Pray for this next generation!  Pray for changed lives!  Will you help us get to the finish line?”             

                                                       Tim Wentz


I would like to give you an opportunity to help us continue to reach students at MSUM. As a Chi Alpha alum, I trust you understand the importance of having a thriving campus ministry that reaches and disciples students.  Tim and Rachel are in need of $1100/month to be fully funded.  Here are some options to consider:  




If you can help, click a button above.  You can give any amount once you get to the page.  Simply select MSU - Mankato in the dropdown.  Would you also consider sharing this with students you know who attended MSU?  We don't have an exhaustive list.  

Thanks for your consideration - Mike & Laura