Saturday 11:15AM

The Persistent Dreamer - How I got there and how you can too.  Derek Blumberg - Skyway Suite AB

I will share my professional journey coupled with practical life applications of how to find and pursue your God sized dream. My goal
with this session is to connect, inspire and stir up any forgotten/paused/lost dreams that life’s circumstances may have extinguished. You’ll walk out with a fresh perspective and action steps to achieve what God has placed in front of you. I believe God’s best is next and I look forward to meeting you!

Foundational Personal Finance  Austin Colby - Lakeshore A

We want to be good stewards of everything we own…no matter how much or how little.  We want to be trusted servants with God’s money.  So…what in the world does that mean and what do I need to know?  Let’s review basic personal financial planning principles with an emphasis on stewardship as it relates to cash-flow, budget and debt planning.  Come and learn some of what we need to know on how to handle money.

Justice: The New Gateway to Reach the Marketplace and Campus   Paul Hurckman - Lakeshore C

One of the most powerful and relevant ways to introduce the Kingdom to the marketplace and your campus is through justice issues. You can get students hooked through your passion for the poor and the oppressed, and watch it open doors to the Kingdom in a way that you never knew was possible. We will explore the biblical position on justice, and how to create a justice narrative to more effectively impact your world.

*Offered twice