Saturday 1:30PM 

Building Resilience: Emotional Health for the Workplace  Dr. Linda Solie - Nicollet Ballroom D2

Our interpretations of life create our emotions and hugely impact our behavior. Paul clearly understood the power of our thoughts when he instructed us to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ”. Learn how to take charge of your thinking and in the process, build emotional muscle that will prepare you to cope with stresses/frustrations/disappointments in the workplace and throughout your life. The first 20 students who show up for each breakout session will receive a free copy of her book, Take Charge of Your Emotions. Her book will also be for sale in the lobby.

Walking Out Faith in the Marketplace  Shari Harris - Nicollet D1

Shari J. Harris’, Author of Walking in Faith, passion is encouraging others to walk out their faith in the marketplace. Shari shares her Medtronic Christian Employee Resource Group leadership experience along with her personal stories of being a bold follower of Jesus Christ in the workplace in an informal, interactive session.

The Power of Money Working For You, Instead of Against You    Austin Colby - Lakeshore A

Investment planning is one of the major areas of personal finance.  A powerful tool within investment planning is the power of compounding interest working for your benefit instead of digging a hole against you. Interest can be a blessing or a curse.  Come and learn how best to use interest for your long-term benefit and not for someone else’s.

Balancing the Sacred and the Secular Shawn Dockter and Dr. Allen Tennison - Nicollet D3*

Everyone of us that seek to put God at the center of our lives WILL have our faith tested in the workplace.  The key is knowing that the power to this balance is within our control with God’s help.  We cannot control those around us but we ARE in complete control of our reactions to these pressures.

Effective Male and Female Communication  Keith Peterson - Nicollet A

Do men and women have different interpersonal communications styles? Do these differences lead to strife and communication breakdowns? Can anything really be done to improve the situation? This practical and humorous session explores truths and practical insights from the Word of God that help males and females create and nurture healthy relationships. It provides real-life examples as well as simple skills and techniques to improve your ability to  communicate on a new level. 

Beating the Pressure to Conform   Kristin Peterson - Lakeshore B

Do you experience pressure to accept and conform to the world's standards and ideals? Everywhere we turn, we encounter pervasive and ungodly messages regarding social situations, finances, use of time, personal health, and character. Come get strengthened and encouraged to be a person who shines His light in the darkness by holding fast to His ways. This session will equip you to resist compromising the standards that God has set for you by examining Biblical truth and applying that truth to real-life, practical situations.

Turning Your Talent Into A Successful Business  Heather Hiner and Greta Sandquist - Minnehaha

Two sisters share their experiences of realizing the potential of their God given talents and creating thriving businesses using these gifts.  This session will include some practical tips on starting and owning a business, how to discover and utilize your hidden talents, and encouragement to follow your dreams!

Your Anointed Appointment  Sonja Bindert - Skyway Suite AB

“Anointed...but with who, what and where will I be appointed?”  Maybe you’re waiting for God to provide a neon flashing sign “take this career path” or you’ve already received direction and your all set to start a new career; either way, there is always a waiting period, an in between season from the anointment to the appointment. 

Getting Connected to a Church  Michael Norman Host - St Croix

Maybe your asking what’s next?  Come here from a seasoned pastor who will invite you to continue your journey when you graduate and get plugged in to a church plant.  

Ask The Professors - Uncensored  Dr Mick and Dr Kathy Mayhew - Lakeshore C

You have questions, they may have the answers!  Anything goes with these two professors from St Cloud State University.  They are looking forward to meeting you!