Sunday 11:15AM

A Roadmap for Sustainability and Growth  Grant Hoel (XA Staff Only) - St Croix

You may have an idea of what you want your ministry to look like in 5 years, but do you know how to get there?  In this breakout we will be helping you put systems in place to help you get started right.  We will talk about practical habits that will help your ministry build on itself, thus creating healthy growth and reducing burnout.

Evangelism - Can I Get a Witness?  John Konkel - Nicollet D2

The word "witness" has literally the same translation in the Greek as martyr. No wonder we have a hard time getting around to sharing our faith. This class will share a variety of ways to put tools in your hand to present the gospel including prophetic evangelism, kindness evangelism, and many more.

Reasonable Faith  Mark Erickson - Nicollet D3

On secular universities it can come off as unreasonable to believe in God, Jesus, or the Bible. Come to this session to learn why it is very reasonable to believe in Jesus. Your faith will increase, you'll better be able to have good discussion with honest seekers, and you will have a greater wonder of who God is.

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Physical Healing  Ryan Koster - Lakeshore B

Does praying for physical healing seem as believable as the easter bunny? The truth is, Jesus came to heal our whole person, top to bottom, inside and out. In this breakout, we will discuss how God can use us to bring healing to people around us. Because in Jesus name, He CAN and He WILL.

Give a Year?  Dr. Chuck Haavik and Guests - Minnehaha

Have you ever felt called to missions? What does that mean anyway?! Have you ever thought about giving a year to serve God in another culture? Have you ever thought about becoming Chi Alpha staff? Let's talk together about what all this means and what kind of opportunities are out there!

Understanding the Baptism in the Holy Spirit Brad Lewis - Nicollet D1

This breakout will clarify the difference between the coming of the Holy Spirit to live inside us at salvation and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit where the Holy Spirits power is released through us. We will also study the differences between private and public use of speaking in tongues.

Engage Deeper in Justice  Jeremy Collier - Skyway AB

For the past 7 years, Great Plains XA and Venture have embarked on a unique partnership to follow the biblical mandate to 'do justice'. This partnership has engaged hundreds of XA students, and impacted tens of thousands of lives around the world. Find out what it looks like for you (and your campus) to join in this story that God is doing, through this partnership.

Mental Health - Knowing When and How to Get Help w Q&A   Eliza Silkey - Lakeshore A

In this breakout, a professional counselor will share briefly on how to know when you need help, how to get help, and how to support others who may need help. Then there will be opportunity to ask questions anonymously about mental health topics.

Worth the Wait 2.0   Micah & Josiah Kennealy - Nicollet A

Single? Dating? Waiting? We will be getting down to the nitty gritty and discussing the importance of singleness, dating, engagement, and marriage. This session will highlight the importance of waiting, praying and inviting God back into the center of purity, boundaries and relationships.
Identity Crisis   Danielle Erickson - Lakeshore C

Wrestling with our identities, especially in the area of sexuality has become more and more common in our culture. This breakout will weave a personal transformation story out of living life as a lesbian with what the scriptures say regarding our identities as children of God. This is for someone questioning their identity or looking to help someone else in similar situations.